Moshe Harel – Former Administrative Manager
(since 1981 and until 2013).
Moshe Harel joined the Kibutz Artzi Choir in 1974 as one of its singers, and became the Choir’s Administrative Manager in 1981.
Somewhere along the ’90, larger and more complex productions began, and Harel had to stop singing, in order to focus on his role as the Choir’s manager.

During these more than 30 years the choir has performed with the biggest and most important orchestras in Israel, as well as took part in festivals and choirs’ contests outside the country. The Choir also participates regularly in Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival and takes part in other important productions, such as Mikis Theodorakis’ Canto General.

In addition to managing the Choir, for 15 years Harel has been involved in musical activity at Manor school in Kibbutz Ayalon.
In the ’90 Harel was among the founders of Clore Center  in Kibbutz Kfar Blum and director of the Upper Galilee music conservatory, as well as been in charge of the musical instrument in his kibbutz.

Born in Holland, Harel arrived Israel with his parents at the age of Two.
In his youth joined Hashomer Hazair, and was one of the of Kibbutz Bar-Am, where he resides ever since.

Harel describes the Choir as – “A way of living; like a second family. Always happy to get together”