Itzhak Ben-Uzi – Administrative Manager

Itzhak Ben-Uzi joined the Kibbutz Artzi Choir in 2004, and was appointed its Administrative Manager in 2013, when his predecessor – Moshe Harel – retired.


Ben-Uzi, born in Bulgaria in 1947, immigrated to Israel with his parents at eh age of Two. Grew up and went to school in Jaffa and Holon.


Between 1954-1962 Ben-Uzi took violin lessons with Ilona Feher, the legendary tutor of Shmuel Ashkenazi, Pinchas Zukerman, Shlomo Mintz, Hagai Shaham and many more.


Ben-Uzi’ army service was with the Nahal, and then joined Kibbutz Beit Guvrin. Later on Ben-Uzi left the Kibbutz and resided with his family in Rishon Lezion.


Ben-Uzi is a CPA and owns his own practice for more the 36 years.


In addition to his singing with the Kibbutz Artzi Choir, Ben-Uzi also sings in another, regional, choir, and participated in many concerts with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, The Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon Lezion, as well as other orchestras.