Stole the Attention
...It was Yuval Ben-Ozer's fascinating interpretation of Saint-Saens's "Christmas Oratorio", together with the Kibbutz Artzi Choir's performance, that stole the Festival's attention.
Hanoch Ron, Yediot Aharonot
Perfection of Voice
...a unique experience...perfection of the voice and beauty of the sound...a rich and diverse program.
B. Kurt, St. Moritz, Switzerland
Vocal Virtuosity
...wonderfully balanced sound...vocal virtuosity...choir with quality and rich from the 16th century up to contemporary music ...
Helmut Kalgrass, Suedwestpresse, Tuebingen, Germany
Singing to Evoke Jealousy
...delightfully accurate instrument...ensemble of well balanced voices...flexibility.... inner discipline... warm sound...spontaneous, singing to evoke jealousy...
Werner Mattes, Oldenburg
Integrated, Sensitive, Flexible Choir
...the high level of performance of the Kibbutz Artzi Choir, of which I have written several times in the past, was preserved in this concert too. This is an integrated, sensitive and flexible choir, and its sound attests to a professional and exact preparation work.
Hary Glomb, Ha'aretz
Hallelujah to Good Taste
I have attended performances of all interpretations of Honegger's "king David", but the one of yesterday evening was the best so far, the most tangible, flawless and musical of all. Conductor Yuval Ben-Ozer and The Kibbutz Artzi Choir proved that they are the only ones, in Israel of today, who have anything of significance to contribute to the sphere of choir singing. Ben-Ozer offered us a "king David" in the right proportion, with no false melodrama and no extrovert vociferation. Hallelujah to a choir that sings in this manner. Hallelujah to good taste.
Hanoch Ron, Yediot Aharonot
Magnificent conducting and Mature and convincing singing Abu Gosh Festival
The Israeli premiere of the Requiem by the French contemporary composer Maurice Durufle -a composition which more than alludes to Faure's Requiem, but is more complex and less flattering - was performed by the Kibbutz Artzi Choir accompanied by the Symphonet Raanana Orchestra, under the baton of Yuval Ben-Ozer. The sound of this choir's members was whole and mature and their singing was convincing throughout the concert. This was a pleasant evening due to Ben-Ozer's magnificent conducting as well as his enlightening words of explanation and finally the additional a-cappella pieces performed by the choir to the enjoyment of the audience.
Noam Ben-Zeev, Haaretz
Excellent Performance
The excellent performance of the oratorio Job by the British contemporary composer Peter Maxwell Davies, both by the Israeli Chamber Orchestra and the Kibbutz Artzi Choir, reflects the professional attitude and the energy put into preparing the performance.
Noam Ben-Zeev, Haaretz